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Online talent services powered by MediaLine
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Broadcast Groups:
Build a talent library that will keep you one step ahead in the hiring process. Whether it is tracking talent in your own group for internal advancement, or following prospective employees, MediaLine's TalentTracker software will make hiring easier and more effective. Because it is online, all of your stations can have access to the talent pool--resumes for anchors, reporters, producers, sportscasters, weathercasters and photographers.

Because TalentTracker puts you in control, you decide your level of participation. Want MediaLine to collect all tapes from employment ads, and put them online for your news directors to view? We can do that. Or maybe you just want us to create a pool of your "keepers". We can do that too. With TalentTracker we make your hiring better.

With unmatched efficiency, TalentTracker will help you help your clients like never before. Create a video database on your website that everybody can see, or password protect it so that you control who is viewing your talent. Customization is available that will allow you to create talent pages which match your existing web site. Because MediaLine hosts the video (with no MediaLine branding), you don't have to worry about server space or video encoding.

What better way to show off your graduating students, then to put them online! News directors can link to your student page through your site or from the MediaLine site created just to show off entry level talent.

Job placement is important, and MediaLine makes it easier than ever for you to help your students get that first job. With TalentTracker, you can create an online presence for your students that will set you apart as a University committed to the success of your students.