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Come and get some of that loving care customer service sugar we're so famous for! Instead of subscribing online, give us a call in our offices. We can answer questions etc, and who knows? You might even talk us out of some free access time or a two-for-one deal! If you're looking for Entry Level, call us -- it's free!
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Just what are you getting for your money when you subscribe to MediaLine’s job listing service?
First and foremost, you’re getting a look at LOTS of jobs. Our 17 year relationship with the newsrooms around the country makes us the first place they turn when they have an opening to list. But more importantly, you can trust that the openings you see on MediaLine are REAL and CURRENT. There are lots of job listings out there on the Web, but if you’ve spent any time searching them, you know that a significant percentage of them can be outdated, can contain incorrect information, or appear to be current openings when, in fact, they are really nothing more than a call for tapes to beef up a library for a rainy day down the road.

At MediaLine, our staff does all the legwork for you, weeding out all the “lemons”.
What you end up with is a quick and easily accessible one step look at hundreds of confirmed openings. You don’t need to spend hours searching the web, finding openings that interest you and then spending even more time confirming which ones are actually real and current and accurate. For about 5 bucks a week (at the 13 week rate) we’ll cut out all the time and hassle and provide you with constantly updated, confirmed openings.

With MediaLine, you can phone or email with any concerns or questions 24 hours a day.
And from about 7am to 9pm pacific Time, you’ll get an immediate response, especially if you email. Our staff enjoys working with folks one on one and can even be talked out of a free week or some other favor from time to time! From its inception, MediaLine’s job listing service has been, at its core, a group of real humans who want to help you with your job search. Feel free to call or email—they love to chat!

The bottom line:
So, when you subscribe to MediaLine’s job listing service, you’re getting a lot more for your money than job listings—you’re getting a quick and easily accessible one stop “shop” for hundreds of current, confirmed and constantly updated job listings. And you’re also getting a support staff, ready, willing and available to provide that human touch.

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